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Residents residing in the neighborhood and eligible to vote will select the proposals to be funded by the City of San José through four rounds of voting starting Sep 19, 2016 and ending Oct 19, 2016.  In order to vote in-person or online, voters will need documents proving your address and age.

To vote online, please fill out the form below to register.  District 2 staff will contact you to verify your identity through one of the following forms of identification:

  • A document with name and current address from a local, state, or US government agency such as a state driver’s license or non-driver ID, consular ID, passport, EBT card, military ID card; Voter registration card;
  • Utility, medical, credit card bill with name and current address;
  • Student ID


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View projects below! Please click on title for full project proposals.

Name Price Overview Video Overview
 Art Painted Utility Boxes 1  $4,400  Display a permanent art gallery in the streets of our 5 neighborhoods with a series of artistic
and creative Paints, 8 total, Utility Boxes in our 5 Neighborhoods
 Art Painted Utility Boxes 2  $900  A local artist will paint two utility boxes and transform them into works of
art. Boxes are protected by anti-graffiti coating.
 Money for our Local Schools  $40,000  Donation of $20,000 each to the two schools in the grant area.  
 Parks Upgrade 1  $400,000

Parks Upgrade: Rock Climbing Playground Expansion for Los Paseos, Shade for LP and Metcalf Playgrounds, Benches for 3 Parks, Lights for LP Park Pathways

 Parks Upgrade 2  $310,000  Modern Los Paseos and Metcalf Park Improvements  
 Security Cameras 1  $595,000  Free Video Cameras & Signs for C.A.L.M.S. Neighborhoods  
Security Cameras 2 $300,000  Five Neighborhoods Free Camera Rebate Program
 Electronic Speed Warning Signs  $40,000  Calm traffic flow transitioning from rural to residential areas signs on Northbound Santa Teresa and Northbound Monterey Hwy  
 Adult Equipment on Paseos  $74,510  Eight pieces of Adult Fitness Equipment at the end of Paseos #1 and at the end of Paseos #3. One
set at each location.
 Beautification of Santa Teresa

Beautification of ST supplement

 $671,900  Restore the quadrant of Santa Teresa Boulevard (between Chantilly and just south of Bayliss) to its former beauty by installing neighborhood identifier signs to main entrances, repair and paint sound walls, and landscape the embankments
 More Trees for our Neighborhoods  $65,000  Our City Forest (non-profit) will plant 250 new trees in the grant area with approval from the site authorities / owners.  
Bike Lane  $80,000 A bike lane would make it safer for residents to ride their bicycles with their children from their homes to the Coyote Creek Trail System.
Paseos Lighting  $32,000 Improve the safety along the Paseos through upgraded lighting